Cut energy costs now…

An average compressed air system wastes 30% of the air produced (Carbon Trust figures). That means almost a third of the energy drawn by compressors is wasted. Over a 10-year period, a full 3 years is spent simply venting your money into the ether.

In a 50m3/min (1,768cfm) system with a 30% leakage rate,
you could be wasting around £60,000 per year.

That's the bottom line impact of wasted energy from compressed air systems. If it's nitrogen, oxygen or CO2 then the costs are considerably higher. And that's every year the leak goes undetected/ unfixed. How much are leaks costing you? What can be done?

Leakage Management,
the most cost-effective answer

Leakage management delivers the best ROI

Our services typically yield an 800% return on investment.

Leakage management yields a return on investment in less than 6 months. Compare that to optimisation, where the return is usually within a year, motor controls 2-3 years and system redesign can be up to 3 years or more.

What will give you
the greatest potential savings?

Leakage detection offers the greatest energy cost savings

Source: Compressed Air systems in the EU (PDF2.21Mb), Fraunhofer Institute

What makes leakage detection and management so cost-effective, have such high potential savings and incredibly short ROI? 4 simple reasons:

  1. Compressed air and energy is expensive
  2. Remedial costs are low (8–10%)
  3. Survey costs are low (3–10%)
  4. Immediate results on repair

Our leak detection surveys routinely reveal leaks wasting £100–£1,000 per day which makes delaying a leakage management programme far more expensive than surveying and repair combined. Quick action means faster ROI, it's why we complete repairs within a month, not several.

Our leakage management services typically return around 80% of cost-savings straight to the bottom line.

The highest leakage level we've detected so far? A staggering 67%. Imagine the money that was being wasted…

Bottom line?
Leakage management cuts energy costs…

With your investment usually recouped in around 3 months, our Leakage Detection Survey and Repair Management Programme really is the risk-free, fast and cost-effective way to make quick and verifiable energy cost savings.

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