Leakage management services that make sense…

Energy costs continue to spiral and become a larger and larger percentage of operating costs. Reducing consumption has a major impact on the bottom line and is a priority for companies looking to stay competitive.

Our focus is on detection and early repair to give you immediate cost-reduction and an ROI typically measured in weeks not years.

Our leakage management services deliver accurate, verifiable
and achievable cost-savings that return 80% to your bottom line.

More than recovering the cost of wasted air…

Yes, our leak detection and repair programmes cut your energy costs by reducing waste. But there are other major benefits too:

  • Increased efficiency — even small pressure losses significantly reduce the performance of attached tools/ machinery
  • Reduced CO2 emissions — from less wasted energy and more efficient tools/ machinery
  • Freed resources — in-house leakage management takes time, training, personnel and equipment

Our leakage management programme typically pays for itself in under 6 months, cuts energy costs, increases efficiency, saves on resources and boosts your eco credentials.

Why not just conduct leak detection in-house?

In-house leak detection programmes often fail. Why? There are many reasons; the ones we hear most often are:

  • lack of in-house skills and experience
  • lack of specialist equipment
  • insufficient time due to production pressures
  • limited to outside production hours

Our highly-trained team use specialist ultrasound equipment working up to 15x faster than conventional methods, with greater accuracy and during production hours.

Outsourcing your leak management to us isn't only more effective,
it's usually in the order of 90% cheaper than in-house programmes.

Many accept a significant leak rate is the nature of air and gas systems, with leakage rates up to 15% being acceptable.

We challenge that thinking

Air may be invisible, but it isn't free. You wouldn't fill a petrol tank two-thirds full and then pump the remaining third down the drain. If it was oil pouring from leaks you'd get them fixed. Compressed air costs money, how much are you wasting?

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